Current effective date: July 1, 2018 is served by CommonSubDoc LLC and has its base in USA and India. We understand that your privacy is very much important for you and that is why we are committed to protecting it. In order to do that, we have set up many protocols and procedures which ensure that your information is always in responsible hands and is in accordance with our privacy laws. We are very grateful for your trust and would act in a way which is beneficial for you. The below-provided privacy policy describes all the points about what information we collect from you and how we use it. Time to time, we also update our privacy policy and post its effective date.


This privacy policy applies whenever you use our company’s product and even when you browse our site The company products can lead you to use a third party app on devices with operating systems like Android, iOS or Microsoft Windows. Whenever there is some use of your personal data or if it is being used by a third party, then the application of privacy policy would take place. Under this policy, all the electronic devices are covered like a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or any other consumer electronic device.


There are times when many other sites are linked to our site. Although we are not responsible for any content mentioned in those linked sites we encourage you to go through their privacy policies thoroughly. We hope you understand that it is not possible for us to check all of them and that is why we ask you to do so.


You can visit our site anytime, but you need to provide some basic information if you wish to get associated with us and know about our products. When you create an account with us, you may have to provide some personal information along with your desired username and password. Moreover, your valid email account would also be needed. The personal information we are talking about includes your name, telephone number, street address, email address along with insurance and bank related information. In order to log-in to your account, you would also have to create a desired password while your email address would be used as your username. By providing this information to us, you automatically agree to our privacy policy of all personal information.


This is the information which is collected automatically from every person who visits or browses through our site. This information allows us to identify you and statistics related to you. It includes the date and time of your visit, the amount of time you spent on the site, your language preference, IP address etc. Apart from that, we may also be interested in device related information like the model of your device, its operating system and also the name of the network company.


Cookies are used to enhance the experience of a person when he visits a site. And that is the reason why we also use cookies in order to gather some information about you which in turn would be helpful for us to identify you easily for the next time. We transfer a cookie text file to the hard drive of your computer and then a unique number is assigned to your computer. This unique number helps us to recognize your computer and to know that how you browse our site.
By consenting to our privacy policy, you consent that we can place cookies on the hard disk of your computer. However, if in any case, you don’t want that to happen, the settings for cookies can be changed through your browser. You can set the option of rejecting all the cookies, or allowing only for the trusted websites or allowing only for those sites which you are currently browsing. But if you have not selected any of the above options, then our system would automatically place cookies on your device. Although, if you choose to refuse all the cookies, then it would affect the performance of the site and may even result in the malfunctioning of the site.


It is very important for you to know that how and where we put your information to use. All the data collected is subject to our privacy policy and terms of use. We usually use the information to analyze that what part of our site is visited most frequently and what are the services most searched for. This helps us to design and alter our site in a better way to suit your convenience.
Apart from that, your personal information may also be used for our commercial purposes. This includes offering you specified offers, products or services based on your personal information and frequent searches. The data may also be used for third-party products and services, limited to only those associated with us. Moreover, our subsidiaries may also have an access to all this. For your interest, we may also need your email address to send you all the information related to our products and services.


We understand that you trust us and that is why we ensure you to use your information only in good faith. It would only be used for your benefit or if it helps us to serve you in a better way. Moreover, it would be disclosed to any third party only in the following cases:

  • If the information is required to complete a transaction.
  • If any purchase or sale takes place with a third party and they need your information to validate it.
  • If you authorize or request the disclosure.
  • If the information is required as per the compliance of a law, requested by government, court order or to protect rights.
  • If the information is required by our agents or vendors to complete a transaction.
  • If mentioned in our privacy policy.

You have all the rights to stop receiving any notifications from us anytime. Through our ‘opt out’ policy, you can discontinue getting any emails by intimating us at our indicated address or by unsubscribing from our emails. Although, you cannot opt out from receiving communications for your transactions with us or information related to your account.


It is very important for us to keep your updated information all the time. And that is why we want you to keep it up to date by making changes in the account. You can log into your account anytime in order to modify the information. We suggest you keep it updated so that we may not have any future hindrance related to it.
If you have any doubt related to your personal information, you can ask for a copy and we will send it to you. But to access this you would have to provide us your identity proof. And if you fail to do so, we reserve the right to not send it to you.


Although no method on the internet is 100% secure to protect the private information, we strive to use the best methods in order to keep it safe. We have placed security protocols in all our databases, computer systems, other devices and communication networks. So there are very fewer chances of information getting leaked.
It is also your duty to protect your information by not sharing it with others. You must never tell anyone your username and password to anyone. And if you notice any unauthorized use of your account, it should be notified to us as soon as possible.


This privacy policy applies only to our site and not to any other third party site. While browsing our site, there are chances that you may get redirected to any third party links which is not in our control. And sometimes we may also link some outside sites to our site. We suggest you go through their privacy policy as well in order to avoid any confusion. We are not responsible for whatever personal information they are extracting from you.


The personal information we receive from you is not only used by our staff in the United States but also by our staff working in India. They may also be able to get access to your information. But in this case, also we assure you of good faith and not using it for any other purpose. By agreeing to our privacy policy you give the overseas staff a right to go through your personal information.


Time to time, we may have to change our privacy policy in accordance with new laws and changing technology. We encourage you to visit our site frequently in order to see if there is any material change. It is very important for us to update our policies in order to serve you better. Whenever we make even a small change, it would reflect the new effective date. So we suggest you to always keep looking for the revised effective date or contact us to know about any changes.


Whenever you need to enquire us about anything, you can write to us at 633 Rogers St, Suite 106, Downers Grove, IL 60515, USA. You can also call us at +1-630-828-3520 or email at We are always at your service and ready to clear all your doubts.